About us

Hello everyone, 

My name is Manuel A. Estrada, owner of Del Campo Meat Market. As you all know Hurricane Harvey destroyed many homes and businesses in our community in August of 2017. Fat’s Quality Meats was one of them and unfortunately, the damage was very severe that the owner decided that he was not going to reopen. I bought the locale not knowing what I would do with it and at first it was just going to be a project to remodel the building. While remodeling hundreds of people stopped to ask if the meat market was coming back or to see what it was going to be. At that point I realized that the community requested the meat market more than anything. With the help of my family and friends, I have managed to not only remodel the building inside and out but have also managed to get the Del Campo Meat Market started. 

One great thing about our family is the tight bond we have with each other. The Estrada family migrated here to Rockport, TX in January of 2000 from San Felipe, Guanajuato, Mexico, and with hard work and dedication, our family has established a couple of businesses in the Rockport community. In 2008, my brother and sister started Juan’s Lawn Service company and in 2010, my brother Miguel and I started Express Air – A/C & Heat. 

Both businesses have established a good reputation in the community and have been growing ever since. In October of 2020, the Del Campo Meat Market opened to continue selling high quality meats, Mexican products, and goodies. We hope that we give you the best products and service so that we can continue serving you.

Thank you for your support!